Little Mr. and Ms. Daycare

Do you know that Manila Day Care Center is holding a “Little Mr. and Ms. Daycare” pageant? The photos above were taken a couple of months ago during the introduction of candidates here in Pandacan.

Coronation day is on Friday, February 20, 2009. So stay tuned!

More photos of the adorable kids in the slideshow below. Tignan nyo, baka may kakilala kayo. :P

Click HERE to view the album (10 photos).

MDCC Trick or Treat!

Manila Day Care Center held a two-day trick or treat for the students and for the community. The kids dressed up and wore their best Halloween costumes. They *tried* to scare Certeza Street residents and the kids ended up getting more candies! Is there any other Trick or Treat activities here in Pandacan (or even in Manila)?

More cool pictures inside the post! Continue reading MDCC Trick or Treat!

Manila Day Care Center

Manila Day Care Center

Manila Day Care Center

We’ve been featuring Manila Day Care Center this week, so we thought of adding the school to our directory….

Does your child go to this daycare? As a parent, what can you say about this school? Would you recommend it to others? Feel free to let us know.

In the meantime, below are some photos of Kindergarten class taken by Andres. Enjoy!

Manila Day Care Center
Description: School, Daycare, Early childhood care development
Address: 2657 San Jose Street, Pandacan, Manila
Phone Number: ??
MDCW Teacher: Mr. Virgilio Orias

Manila Daycare Center UN Parade

In Beata, Baranggay 837 Zone 91 just held a United Nation Parade. Through the supervision of their Chairman Reynaldo Cabrera and his Kagawad(s), they managed to put a humble show for their neighborhood. Councilor Joy Dawis of District 6 of Pandacan also helped in the event.

The event was hosted by Teacher Ver.

Children from 3-6 years old participated very well. Some of the songs they sung are: “Hawak Kamay“, “Over the Rainbow” (solo from Ms. Sweden named Ysabella) and a dance number from Kinder one (Mr. Greece and Mr. Japan).

The children are all adorable in their costumes and the proud parents smiled as they guided their kids in the parade.

After all the parade and some intermission program from the kids, Chairman Cabrera awarded a Little Mr. & Ms. UN. Judges were chosen from the office of Councilor Dawis to avoid any favoritism.

The winners:
4th Place: Mexico & Singapore
3rd Place: China & Cambodia
2nd Place: United King & Spain
1st Place: Thailand & Vietnam
Mr. & Ms UN: the pair of Mongolia

See more pictures (85 of them!) in the slideshow! Or you can click here to view the photoset on flickr! (Kiko: May nakita akong mag-ina na pamilyar ah! :P )

Sunday Video: 3-Yr Old Pandacan Boy Learns To Read

Sean was just a little over 3 years old when his mother – Amor, a 1011 member – took a video of him reading sentences on a computer.

Sean is currently in nursery at Manila Day Care Center, and according to his teacher, he is ‘advance than other kids his age’. During his enrollment last summer, Sean was able to demonstrate his various skills: numbers, colors, shapes … he even knows several flags already. Reason why his teacher wanted to move him up to Kinder 1, which Amor politely declined. She thought it would be better for Sean to remain in Nursery.

Watch Sean read in this 37 secs video!

You can head over Amor’s personal blog to learn more about Sean. There’s a part 2 of this “learning to read” video, only this time, Sean is reading a book!

Kayo, kelan kayo natuto magbasa? :D


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